Jonathan Simon is an active force in the teaching community. He enjoys teaching and offers workshops as well as private lessons.

"I thrive on seeing students learn and master what I have taught them. I believe every student/artist can achieve their goals with proper training. I have had the luxury of training with some of the greatest painters of our time. I’ve spent years studying drawing, painting, and anatomy in a rigorous environment filled with some of the greatest talent I have ever seen, including Anthony Ryder, Daniel E. Greene, Patricia Watwood, Dan Thompson, Jacob Collins, Frank Porcu, and Michael Grimaldi. This has helped me to achieve success in my painting and drawing. I feel an obligation to pass on my training to others. I look forward to working with new talent."

Jonathan Simon will be teaching workshops and private lessons from his studio in Opelika, AL during 2011-2012.

Check back or contact the artist for future details on these and other workshops.

All classes are offered on all skill levels from beginner to advanced professional.

All classes are offered, but not limited to the following:

  • Figure Drawing/Painting
  • Portrait Drawing/Painting
  • Still Life
  • Anatomy

“I offer an intense learning experience specifically designed for more visual thinking artists. My teaching methods are unique compared to most other art classes and allow the student an optimum learning environment. My goal is to provide students with the tools necessary to produce higher quality artwork. My classes consist of an equal amount of lecture as well as individual help & encouragement.”
If your organization or institution is interested in Jonathan Simon conducting a workshop, please contact the artist.

Private Lessons
Private lessons offer a unique 1-on-1 experience. The lesson is tailored to the student and much more instruction is covered. Lessons are usually 4 hours long. Please contact the artist for pricing.

Group Studio Sessions
Jonathan Simon is offering a unique opportunity to a select few devoted individuals who are interested in learning traditional drawing and painting techniques.
Please contact the artist for details.